Stephen Industries backs Polar Night Energy’s innovative sand battery technology

Stephen Industries is excited to announce our second energy technology investment, this time in Polar Night Energy, a Finnish startup pioneering in the field of thermal energy storage with its innovative sand battery technology. This investment is part of a €7.6 million seed funding round aimed at accelerating the adoption of renewable energy by enhancing energy storage solutions. The round was led by Jonathan Oppenheimer, and co-led by us at Stephen Industries, along with Holdix, Turret, and PC Rettig & Co.

Polar Night Energy’s Co-Founders Tommi Eronen and Markku Ylönen. PHOTO: Rami Marjamäki

The investment will enable Polar Night Energy to expand its capabilities and market reach, furthering the development of its sand battery technology. This advancement promises a significant shift towards sustainable energy, demonstrating the technology’s ability to store and convert renewable energy efficiently.

Stephen Industries, along with our partners, is proud to support Polar Night Energy’s journey towards creating a sustainable future. We believe this technology not only aligns with our commitment to GreenTech but also marks a clear step towards achieving global decarbonization goals.

For more details on Polar Night Energy and their impact, we encourage you to check out their website at:

Together, we’re paving the way for a sustainable energy future, one innovation at a time